We are passionate about exploring the lost art of journeying long distance on horseback, challenging people’s perceptions of what is possible with a horse in the landscapes of the modern era.



Traverse the iconic landscapes of southern Africa. These are some of the longest, toughest horseback adventures on the planet.
Join us on one of the epic rides below.

Ride The Wild Coast

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Meet The Ride Team

  • Claire – UK

    “This is the only ride that I have ever done a second time; if you want to cover 40-50 kms per day at a fast pace, swim rivers, ride along cliff tops and beaches and watch whales and dolphins swimming this is the ride for you. The focus is on the riding and the adventure; you need to be self sufficient and willing to put up with inconveniences caused by paths being blocked, rivers being higher than usual or detours necessitated because of damage to the coast by the sea – this is all ADVENTURE. Several times a day there is the opportunity to blast down a beach at 40kmh or have controlled canters through the surf, you choose. At the end of 14 days riding you are left wanting more despite having a tired body. I am going back for a 3rd time.”
    Wild Coast – Nov 2013,  Nov 2014

    Claire – UK
  • Amy – USA

    “Awesome, fantastic – wonderful.
    The Wine, the Riding, the Views, the Group, and most of all the Horses.
    What more could you ask for!”
    Cape of Storms – March 2015

    Amy – USA
  • Amanda – UK

    The Wild Coast surpassed all dreams of how a ride should be. It was challenging technical riding in difficult terrain amid wonderful seascapes complete with whales and dolphins. You had to trust the horses and they rewarded you by looking after you on the steep coastal paths and through forests. Then you hit a dream of a beach, where you could let go: as fast as I’ve ever been on horseback!
    Joe and Baz entertained, cooked, kept my wine glass full and really looked after us; they’re true horsemen. Swimming the rivers with your horse is unique to all the riding I have done around the world (a tot of Cointreau helps celebrate the experience!) but they also keep it safe, their eyes and expertise watching at all times.
    It says it all that I immediately booked to go back on the same ride a year later. Go riding on the Wild Coast, it honestly pushes every button. Get fit before you go, and you’ll love every minute of it.

    Amanda – UK
  • Dagmar – Switzerland

    “Absolutely great trip! I enjoyed the challenging riding, it was really adventurous, fun and action packed! The speed and pace was great and a lot of fun. The guiding was passionate and impressive in all situations. Thanks very much for the great trip and this true experience on horseback in South Africa.”
    Wild Coast – February 2014

    Dagmar – Switzerland
  • Silvia – Switzerland

    “I loved the fast pace, the long trots, many gallops and uncomplicated way of riding, the spirit of adventure and of course the glorious scenery; one beach more beautiful than the other. My horse was fit and perfect for me. Joe and Barry were great guides, knowledgeable about horses and this kind of trail. I had complete trust in them and that they would find a solution for any issues that might arise and I loved to hear their stories from previous adventures.”
    Wild Coast – February 2014

    Silvia – Switzerland
  • Caroline – UK

    “Wow… what a trip! We will miss your wonderful banter, amazing drinking skills and of course the fantastic riding adventures. Thank you, it was amazing.”
    Cape of Storms – March 2015

    Caroline – UK
  • Victor – UK

    “Long days, endurance, speed, rugged landscape, challenging steep hills, exhilaration are some of the words that spring to mind when I think of riding the Wild Coast. There is a great sense of freedom, a fantastic sense of achievement and, oh boy, we laughed a lot!
    The lads don’t fuss; they have a ‘get on your horse and ride’ approach! Just jump on the plane and ride these wonderful, never ending beaches; the long gallops are really special.  This trail is simply the best ever.”
    Wild Coast – Nov 2012, Nov 2014

    Victor – UK
  • John – UK

    “A big thank you for a fantastic “The Ride”. The combination of a consistently fast paced ride, amazing beach gallops and cliff top views and the novelty of swimming the horses across rivers all made for an exceptional holiday. The fantastic horses are just as keen to go on the last day as the first. And then there is Baz and Joe “40 something year olds” but going on 25 in their attitude to life and enjoyment: great company and always looking out for the clients and the horses. I will be back for more of the same as I have never experienced such exciting riding like this on all of our 15+ trail rides. This should be on your bucket list.”
    Wild Coast – Nov 2013, Nov 2014

    John – UK
  • Danni – UK

    “This multi-faceted adventure, though challenging at times, delivered on all fronts – lots of fun and excitement to be had with these boys!
    Not to mention superb horses, exceptional wine-tastings, and stunning overnight locations. Incredible memories like that 17km canter down Walker Bay will be etched in my mind for years to come.
    Would do it all again in a heartbeat!”
    Cape of Storms – March 2015

    Danni – UK